Digital Marketing for a Leading Hospital

Business Scenario

Our client had the first hospital in the country since 1978, dedicated entirely to Nephrology and Urology with the ISO-9001: 2008 certification. They are into a new technology venture compared to the traditional surgical practices and they wanted to use digital marketing practices to spread the awareness of simplicity, accuracy, success rate, and safety measures in the field of robotic surgery.

The Challenge

The client was worried about the rejection of the new surgical methods, as traditional surgery existed over the years and was the most trusted one due to human interface.

Solution Highlights

  • Effectively face-lift the website's User Interface keeping the seriousness of the cause and practice
  • Added fun element for prospective customers to be able to embrace the digital methods with an ease
  • Spread awareness in the local and global community of surgical society by creating a global network of doctors, hospitals, and medical tourism agencies
  • A uniform platform to share information, best practices, training options, and awareness with the world


  • Awareness about Nephrology and Urology practices has been increased significantly
  • Robotic surgery received more acceptance in common people
  • Traditional surgery is getting supported by robotic surgery for better treatment