Digital Signature Platform

Business Scenario

The client is a Sweden based service provider who works with organisations and private companies to create binding agreements online.


  • The client wanted to develop a product for mass distribution and validation of signed documents from companies to consumer.
  • The application had to be specially designed for signing documents that are mass distributed to consumers and where unique documents are sent to each consumer.

Solution Highlights

  • Domain verification, register URL to SSL certificate, auto detection of SSL certificate
  • Support advanced electronic signatures and stamps, according to EU regulation 2014/910 (EIDAS)
  • Authorisation and revocation of ID card through BankID
  • Secure platform for signing, verification and testing of signed documents
  • Manage history related to payments, signing certificates and signature
  • PKI standards ensuring transparency for public and security experts
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Solution for sending invoices, account statements, insurance messages, government decisions, etc.


  • Ease of services to customers and better ROI
  • Automatic advanced electronic signatures and stamps process
  • Significant improvement in administration time