Enterprise Fleet & Transport System

Business Scenario

The client is a European transportation company that transports temperature-controlled cargo from various auction houses as well as wholesalers to different destinations. They are well-known for providing optimized, punctual, and efficient deliveries in the local and international markets and work with preferred load carrier by their customers.


  • The primary challenge of the client was the lack of ordering mechanism.
  • There was no system to document the orders and there were scalability issues in the infrastructure which led to considerable delay in the feedback.

Solution Highlights

  • Integrated processes for time critical deliveries
  • Customer order placement and planning
  • Real-time tracking and tracing of fleets through GPS
  • PDA solution
  • Automate manual processes by implementing workflows
  • Manage optimal route and resource planning
  • Live maps using bing maps integration


  • Reduced total cost of operations
  • Seamless and efficient order planning and execution
  • Optimized revenue and margins