Foot Size Detector

Business Scenario

Engaged with a UK based startup venture who is into retail business serving many countries across the world. This customer had an innovative concept regarding online shoe shopping and wanted us to drive their ideas into reality.


  • The client wanted to save the time of their customers searching the right shoe-size while shopping online.
  • They had the vision to save billions of dollars that retailers invest in returns.

Solution Highlights

  • Created Mobile app compatible with Android, iOS, and future sensor-smartphones
  • Developed a web app compatible with all web-versions
  • Gave a camera feature within an application to capture foot image
  • Provided the facility of auto-detection of reference object to capture foot image
  • Offered the functionality of detecting foot size in mm, cm and inch based on the foot image captured.
  • Detection of size is with foot function and manual measure function
  • Result of user foot size to be mapped with online retail shopping option
  • Listing of the products from different brands with respect to the captured foot size by the user


  • Saved millions of dollars in return shipping, and customer service processing hours
  • Increase in average growth rate of online shoes order
  • Shoe retailers & manufacturers achieved higher sales
  • Significant reduction in return costs
  • Increase in customer satisfaction index (CSI)