Integrated Financial Management Suite Migration

Business Scenario

The client is one of the largest automotive service companies in the Nordic Countries. It is into spare parts wholesaler business and also provides repair services. They have B2B ordering portal where their customers can search spare parts, select products, and place an online order. The ease of online spare parts ordering process is the prime focus of this portal.


Solution Highlights

  • The client had vision to initiate technology transformation of legacy financial management product. However, he was confused in implementing the right technology for this purpose.
  • The solution streamlines financial processes and creates a uniform platform serving over 400 private and public organisations in Nordic.

Solution Highlights

  • Implemented Microsoft and cloud computing techniques in a SaaS model
  • Streamlined financial processes with a uniform platform that can serve 400 private and public organisations in Nordic
  • Developed modules including financial year & period, admin, settings, accounting, purchase ledger, sales ledger, budget, invoicing, stock control, sales order, purchase order, tools, fixed assets and reporting
  • Multi-database (SQL), multilingual, multi-browser, and multi-tenant application in a single solution
  • Introduction of SEPA compliance for payment processing
  • Integration with tax authorities, ADFS and UBI-secure


  • Exponential business growth through centralised view
  • Real-time insights into transnational data
  • Solution compliant to tax authorities, ADFS and SEPA