Supply Chain Control Tower

Business Scenario

The client is one of the larger logistic service providers in the European region. This family run business has multiple European locations. They also take care of physical distribution, storage/trans-shipment, customs formalities, forwarding, express shipments, air freight and sea freight. This puts them in a position to accurately match together every link in logistic chain.


  • Exception management had too much delay
  • No supply chain visibility
  • Corrective measures time-window were un-sufficient
  • Lack of single version of truth to each stakeholder


  • We provided with a detailed view of global shipments in real time.
  • Our customers could get into order-level details and status updates of their fleet from anywhere.
  • Global shipment status map, including final mile; alert notifications, role-based security and customized views, carrier scorecards, executive data visualization dashboards etc were rendered.
  • We provided end-to-end supply chain visibility in real-time where our clients could take quick actions if any exceptions occur in the supply chain for fulfilling the orders.


  • Proactively track, monitor, and react to exceptions
  • Improved control of cargo in-transit
  • Optimized decision-making and improved employee productivity
  • Improved seamless service to end-customers