Workflow Management Solution

Business Scenario

The client is the owner of a leading print media and publishing house. They had to deal with a lot of manual work in their operations. Their vision was to automate business workflow of the company allowing their employees to manage enterprise-wise publications, newsletters, business cards and other media publishing content.


  • Using existing process, authorities were unable to respond quickly if any real time change is required.
  • It also created limits in terms of involvement of other team members.
  • The lack in managing the workflow led to a chaos and increased time in sorting the work and responsibilities.

Solution Highlights

  • Automated the planning, authorizations, discussions, production, tracking to budgeting processes.
  • Streamlined ad productions for various publishers and ad agencies.
  • Built self-service environment for publishers to book or order ads.
  • Managed commercial process of a printing operation by facilitating users to order print jobs.
  • Created strong workflow guiding orders for various stages from order placing to delivery and payment.
  • Made a Drag and drop ad page production tool enabling easy setup suitable for newspapers and magazines.


  • Enabling collaborative work processes with other teams
  • Teams can be in sync through the centralised information
  • Enhanced productivity due to real time tracking
  • Better insights for managing workloads