Digital Transformation in Transport & Logistics Industry

Digital Transformation in Logistics Industry is important to enhance the efficiency of operations. Gateway Digital in association with its end-to-end logistics innovation partner - DiLX creates business concepts and new service models to help supply chain and logistics players gain a competitive edge over others. We make the most out of digital technology solutions and make it easier for business owners to manage supply chain and logistics for delivering, managing schedules, and gaining end-to-end visibility. These digital transformation logistic solutions provide with real-time information throughout the journey, enabling business owners to make faster, more informed decisions, resulting in optimized operation for better margins and better customer experiences.


We work with the world's largest NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders and Trucking companies

Increased customer touch points through Customer Interaction Platform

A 360-degree view of the Manufacturing Companies, Trucks, End-customers, Freight Forwarders, and Truckers through Supply Chain Control Tower

Automate freight management through Marketplace Platform for smoother and seamless trade between carriers and shippers

Futuristic Initiatives

Incorporate technology across the value chain

  • Blockchain for Paperless Trade
  • Freight Exception Management through Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Augmented Reality for warehouse services and freight measurement

Dynamic Pricing Engine for Freight Forwarders/Consolidators

AI-based Predictive Modeling for Carriers

Our Achievements

Reduced annual cost by 9.4M and increased the efficiency by 4.7% through CUSTOMER INTERACTION PLATFORM

25% improved fleet productivity by using YARD MANAGEMENT SOLUTION

Achieved accurate forecasting of 40% on freight exceptions through CONTROL TOWER PLATFORM

Operational efficiency raised by 30% with DISPATCHED MANAGEMENT SOLUTION

75k+ orders processed every year through our ENTERPRISE TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION

Work Flow Management Solution

Supply Chain Control Tower

The ultimate solution for global supply chain visibility which combines real-time order and shipment information with proactive transportation updates and alerts about external factors that can influence the supply chain, wherever in the world your shipments are; before they become exceptions.

End to End Customer Engagement Portal

Digital Freight Marketplace

Digital Freight Marketplace is a new paradigm to have a common operator providing value added services to all stakeholders in the Transport & Logistics Ecosystem.

Enterprise Fleet & Transport System

Enterprise Fleet & Transport System

SaaS-based platform for end-to-end planning and management of cargo delivery-distribution process.