Digitally Transforming the Entertainment & Gaming Sector

New trends and technologies are driving innovation, disruption, and opportunities for growth in the entertainment and gaming industry. The world of entertainment & gaming is changing for each one of us and for obvious reasons the player is at the heart of this change.

Gateway Digital helps transitioning into a new gaming landscape, shaping the market, and offering consultation on becoming successful in the virtual and physical world. We are involved in some of the major gaming sections including – iGaming, mobile gaming, eLearning games and social & casual cause games.

We combine our domain expertise in gaming with technical prowess to deliver the best gameplay experience to gamers. So be it high-quality, real-time intense graphics-based games or mind-benders'; we deliver them all. Gateway Digital is the one stop shop for all your needs from concept development to game development to quality assurance to deployments.


Rich experience in the area of online gaming, mobile gaming, social & casual games and eLearning games.

Team of UX developers specifically skilled to understand gaming industry needs

Team of QA engineers specifically skilled in game testing

Experience and skills in delivering concept art, 3D/2D art and animations for games targeted for mobile, desktop and web.

Understanding of industry specific requirements for social/casual game development and specialization in creating content from pre-production stage to delivery.

Requisite expertise in the technology platforms that let users play anywhere and on any device integrated with social media features.

Set of e-Learning games developed and targeted for elementary, early childhood and upto K12 groups, compatible with SCORM framework.

Experience of working with one of the top 3 iGaming companies



Proficiency in handling the complex AI logic behind the games.

Made advertising campaigns and brand promotions more effective through interactive games

We combine domain with technical expertise for the best gameplay experience.

The one stop shop for all your needs from concept development to game development to quality assurance to deployments.

Some of the examples of our games: online poker, sports betting, casino games, online lottery.

Flash based online strategy games, mobile poker games engine, Extreme sports racing, Physics-based soccer puzzle games, Interactive fun games with several levels of complexities,

Casual fun games that help users to release stress & anger; augmented reality based skateboarding games

Futuristic Initiatives

Adoption of AR & VR technologies

Artificial intelligence

Direct-to-Gamers distribution of games

Casinos & online gambling

Adoption of eSports

Cryptocurrency usage as virtual credits

Our Achievements

Ranked among top 3 iGaming solution providers.

Registered vendor in the New Jersey division of gaming enforcement – enterprise.

Our technology and expertise helped our customers to earn a record of 13% in 6 months flat in B2C segments. Today, with 15,000 man hour’s experience, we are the most preferred technology partners to gaming companies worldwide.

Reduced development costs by more than 30%.

Managed hundreds of championships and competitions on gaming portals.

Registered vendor in the New Jersey division of gaming enforcement – enterprise.

Our games were ranked in the top 10 kid’s education category and have been ported on iOS, Android, IWB (Interactive White Boards) and desktops.

20 years’ experience in concept art, 3D/2D animations for mobile, desktop and web.

Developed mobile games in areas of public interest like health/wellness, awareness and creativity.

Our eLearning games have been standardized as learning materials across many schools in the world. Several of our games are also implemented across IPTV networks and targeted towards learning through casual play.


Professional Video Creation and Delivery Platform

SaaS based video creation & delivery platform allows novice users to create artistic and professional videos online with ease.


Enterprise Scale Digital Signage Solution

Media – Playlist Manager to facilitate clients to manage display on various types of screens, locations and customizing content as per their requirements.