LEAP – Location Based Advertising and Promotion Platform

LEAP is a perfect collaborative platform for brands to establish a direct connect with their consumers and understand their buying behavior. Using this platform, the brands can run campaigns to inform their customers about their products, services, and special offers.

Leap helps brands in improving customer connect by 2X. This arrangement leads to active participation of consumers and helps them build a stronger connect with brands. Business owners can also offer location-based advertising, and promotions to attract their consumers.


Profile Creation & Loyalty Management: Create customer profiles based on your needs. Know about the customers that have had a long association with your brand for years and offer them with the right rewards.

Conduct Marketing & Promotional Activities: Endorse your business through deals, coupons surveys, gamification and in-product advertising. Keep a track of your marketing efforts and offer better experiences.

Manage Leads: Track the activities of your quality leads through the data generated by Leap.

Drive Engagement: Make the presence of your store and products visible on your customers’ mobile phones through AR product manuals, interactive videos, and games.

Chat: Engage with your customers over chat and provide them with better shopping experiences.

Manage Campaigns: Create campaigns and execute them based on your store, brand, or product.

Analyze: Use analytics to know about the customers based on the traffic generated, demographics, and feedback and generate in real-time reports.

Showcase: Make the presence of your store and products visible on your customers’ mobile phones through AR product manuals, interactive videos and games.

Offer Location Based Services: Connect with your customers through assisted GPS, Internal Positioning Systems and Beacons.

Add-ons: Get extra features in the form of AR, VR, & AI technologies, social listening, and digital merchandising.


Integrate your system seamlessly with ours and integrate payment gateways, email platforms, and maps with ease.

Know consumer purchase behavior and re-target strategies

Bring people close to retail outlets

Enable companies to influence people

Increase Lifetime Consumer Value (LCV)

Establish a direct connect with consumers

Bring visibility across retailers/distributors network

Attract consumers to your brick and mortar store

What is in for?



  • Company based profile authentication
  • Know your employees through product details
  • Instant feedback on multiple products
  • Authenticate deals
  • View deal redeem history


  • Alerts on interest based advertising
  • Games with tangible rewards
  • Notifications on deals and discounts
  • Chat with people within their proximity to know about the products
  • Redeeming coupons on deals
  • Scan to understand product description
Brand Owners

Brand Owners

  • Manage events and advertisements
  • Store and pin creation
  • Product management
  • Rewards management
  • Merchant connect
  • Analytics and reporting